We offer the A Beka curriculum to our students. This Curriculum was developed by Pensacola Christian Academy, one of America’s largest and most respected Christian day schools. The A Beka approach to Christian education keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable. The materials reflect sensible theory that is firmly anchored to practical application. The purpose of this curriculum is to lead young children to Christ and train them in the Bible, Christian character, language and traditional subject matter. It will give our students a solid academic foundation while emphasizing Christian character and patriotism. The curriculum guide, devised by Christian teachers and administrators, contains day-by-day lesson plans for an entire year. The A Beka Book curriculum makes available years of accumulated wisdom and experience by Christian educators in Christian schools. The Christian approach to education and the Christian approach to life are woven throughout. The curriculum saves hours of time planning when and what to do and allows a teacher to concentrate on how to do it best. Using this curriculum allows even a first-year Christian teacher to be successful. The A Beka Book Kindergarten Program opens our classroom to exciting learning. Students have fun while mastering a wide variety of skills when teachers follow the comprehensive plan of teaching and reviewing using a variety of lively games and enjoyable activities.

Language Arts

The A Beka Book Preschool and Pre-K Program teach basic reading skills using an intensive phonics approach. This is a phonics program, not just sight reading garnished with phonics. Students are taught to read with a systematic, step-by-step reading plan based upon the sounds of each letter. This gives students a solid foundation for developing exceptional reading skills. The A Beka Book Preschool and Pre-K Program has always used an intensive phonics approach to reading and has been highly successful in training young readers nationwide for more than 50 years. With this intensive phonics approach, students are able to begin reading actual words very early. As soon as students are able to read words, phonics skills are applied in meaningful, character-building stories that correlate with the phonics concepts they have learned. This phonics approach is carried through in all areas of classroom teaching. Intensive phonics is taught systematically to ensure continued growth in skills. It is reinforced with daily seatwork activities, including alphabet sequence and recognition, identification of vowel and consonant sounds, blends, one- and two-vowel words, words containing special sounds, and sentence comprehension. These concepts are reinforced in the Letters and Sounds K book.


Math time in Preschool and Pre-K emphasizes the basics in counting, number recognition, and number concepts up to 20. Simple combinations are easily learned using the colorful Animal Flashcards for Addition and Subtraction. Children also learn money value, telling time, number words, and number sequence. These concepts are reinforced during seatwork time with numbers activities from the Number Skills K activity book.

Social Studies/History/Geography

Students learn about community helpers and simple safety rules, beginnings of American history, and children of 10 different countries including simple geography. Colorful work sheets include a number of enjoyable activities.


Students learn about themselves and the world around them with God’s World, the A Beka Book science work text for Pre-K. This colorful science book helps kindergartners learn about God’s plan for seeds, animals, the seashore, health, weather, and seasons.


The Pre-K handwriting book writing with Phonics K4 is correlated with the basic phonics program to help students learn and review phonics as they practice correct letter writing formation. This practical student book saves the teacher hours of preparation time by showing sample letters exactly as they are to be written. Pre-K Writing Tablet offers practice and is an essential support for an effective handwriting program. The Numbers Writing Tablet has guidelines for writing numbers vertically. It helps with correct formation and number recognition as children practice writing numbers in “families” and writing to 20 by 1s, 10s, 5s, and 2s.

 Character and Self Esteem Building

Character training is one of the supreme goals of Christian education. Children must be faithfully trained, line upon line, precept upon precept, day after day after day. It is not enough to merely present a list of character traits and definitions for students to memorize and then suppose that the job of character training has been accomplished. Every subject area, every teaching method, every attitude, every action of student or teacher is a means of training character. In the A Beka Book Preschool and Pre-K Program, character is taught through Biblical discipline, through traditional teaching methods and curriculums, through Bible teaching, and through the formation of habit.

Field Trips

Our Pre-K through K classes have several field trips planned this year to Riley’s Farm, McCallum Theater, Children’s Discovery Museum and The Living Desert.


All Pre-K, T-K and Kindergarten classes are scheduled to go to the library at least once a week to receive library instruction and to check out books. Literature appreciation and information search skills are cooperatively planned and integrated with classroom assignments.

Computer Education/Technology

In our classroom technology is integrated into all aspects of education. All of our classes will be able to enjoy Computer Lab once a week to use technology to engage students digitally.

Independent Play

With our state of the art playground, we offer each child space to feel free to use their imagination, whether playing house, building a spaceship, splashing in the water table, or digging in the sandbox, there is explorative learning and fun for everyone.

Extra Curricular Activities

We offer extracurricular programs to our students.

  • Chapel
  • Christian Education
  • Sign Language
  • Music
  • Spanish
  • Library
  • Computer Lab


Special Events

There are many special events presented by our school to our parents. Special events will include: a Harvest Festival, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Celebration, Easter Program, Mother’s Day Tea and end of the year activities.